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Our Mission
Bridge of Hope Mission

Bridge of Hope Missions is a mission oriented Christian organization. Being a non- political, non- denominational, non- profit organization, it operates under the Spiritual oversight of key spiritual leaders and respects every Christian denomination that believes in the Trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Bridge of Hope Mission exists as a catalyst for all the Christian and charismatic organizations. As a catalyst, it encourages spiritual, social, economic, moral and political renewal. Bridge of Hope Mission believes in the Power of God in bringing hope and transforming cities, communities, individuals, families and nations. We believe we have a God inspired commandment based on the letter of James. We encourage human development through acts of social works, community building and charity.

Bridge of Hope Mission values

  • Serving the poor and destitute
  • Promoting human lives as God given
  • Integrity and self-giving
  • Honesty and trustworthy.

Background Information
War and poverty have spread to every corner of the continent and indeed the whole world and are still rapidly growing. They reverse development gains, robbing millions of lives, widening the gap between the rich and the poor and undermining social and economic security.

Poverty and people from war-torn nations are increasing in our nation daily. War and poverty are positively co-related. Poverty reduction can help limit war between communities for every community will have enough resources.

Poverty and war kill people in their prime of life and poses a great threat to development, reducing growth, weakening governance and destroying human capital, discouraging investment and eroding productivity.

The people's efforts are undermined and war/ poverty encourage them to leave their countries and go to live in a foreign land. Most of them having lost everything and having nobody to help them.

Kenya regardless of being in one zone with the countries that are on the sub-Saharan Africa that is highly stricken by poverty, diseases and poor climatic conditions among others, is privileged to act as a mother Nation for all the war-torn areas of Africa.

Almost every Nation in Africa that has ever been affected by wars seek refuge in Kenya including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Congo, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and some west Africa countries. As a result of this, God gave us an inspired commandment to heal emotions, listening to and supporting refugees and asylum seeker as we work hard to transform our communities.