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Orphans Advocate Program
Having a party for the children


  • To provide basic needs- food shelter and clothing
  • To provide both basic and vocational education to orphans for their sustainability
  • To reintegrate former street boy or girls with their families and network for placement of orphans after practical skills
  • To educate and involve the community in children rights programme
  • To establish and advance children network geared training them on human social norms, respect and virtues
Having a party for the children

The orphans advocate programme vision and mission is to see society and communities free from child abuse through multi-sectarian networks of care, support and community education of children's right.

To ensure the future of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) by providing fundamental human needs and practical life skill training to enable them to be self reliant useful members of the community who, after re-integration, can promote socio-economical programmes that are geared towards reducing poverty, literacy and improved health.

BRIDGE OF HOPE MISSIONS - realized the suffering that was subjected to children after multi-social issues facing our families such as HIV/AIDS , family conflicts, divorces, disasters, calamities etc. Bridge of Hope Mission is surrounded by some of the biggest slums in Nairobi.

As a result the mission noted that it was strategically positioned to Bridge Hope to the very increasing number of orphans who had turned to be street children and drugs traffickers thus it started a feeding programme, medical care for a small number of 11 who have been identified as orphans, vulnerable children and children in need of special education.